551 552 553 558 Raudonas Žalias Taškas Holografinio Taikiklio taikymo Sritis Medžioklės Red Dot " Reflex Akyse Riflescope Su 20mm tvirtinimas Airsoft Ginklą G

Žymos: airsoft, striukės pcp, e red dot akyse, didelis šautuvas taikymo sritis, atlas bipod, airsoft m4, m4, taikymo sritis, riflescope hakko, gun metal pistoletas.

€20.65 €28.28
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551 Savybės:

-Galia saugus funkcija, automatinis maitinimo išjungimas 2 valandos

-Lengva įdiegti, tinka bet kokiam 20mm geležinkelių

-Aukštis ir skolinto kapitalo reguliavimo pusėje akyse

-Spalva: juoda

-Baterija: 4 x LR44 baterijas

Matmenys: 10 cm (L) x 5cm (W) x 6cm (H)

-Apie tai, Svoris: 220g

-A: šviesumo reguliavimas (į viršų)

-B: šviesumo reguliavimas (mažėjimo)

-C: Tinklelis spalva perjungimas (Raudona / Žalia)

Jei norite daugiau sužinoti apie produktus išsamiai,

prašome susisiekti su manimi.Aš atsiųsime pictrues jums.

552 Savybės:

Didinimas: 1.0 x

Tikslas Objektyvas Dia: 30x22mm

Ilgis: 130x50x65mm

Svoris (neto): 275g (9.7 unciją)

Eye Relief: Nemokamai

Regėjimo laukas (100yds): 30 metrų

Optikos Padengimas: Multi Coated

Tinklelis: Raudonos ir Žalios spalvos Tinklelis su 5 Lygių Ryškumo

Maitinimas: Du gabalus AA baterijos

Vertinimo Diapazonas: ŽŪM

Windage Diapazonas: ŽŪM Funkcija 1/2 M. O. windage ir aukštis su garsiniu paspaudimų

553 Savybės:

Lengva įdiegti, tinka bet kokiam 20mm geležinkelių Aukštis ir skolinto kapitalo reguliavimo pusėje akyse atsparus smūgiams ir oras įrodymas medžiagos Spalva: juoda Baterija:CR123A Svoris: 300g A: šviesumo reguliavimas (augimo) B: šviesumo reguliavimas (mažėjimo)

  • Tipas: ŠAUTUVAS
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Modelio Numeris: 551 552 553 556 558
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: BESTSIGHT
  • Funkcija: Red Dot

Shad Love31
Looks great! It's got nice weight to it, and the red/geren dots look pretty crisp. This is a great purchase for airsoft! The seller was fast with shipment also!
Climpa 777
This looks just like an EOTECH EXPS3 ($689 on Amazon).I will have to order a CR123A battery to test.
Reticle color is crisp. Multiple brightness setting is a great thing. I do wish it had a lanyard for the battery cap, much like a real Eotech would. Feels pretty durable, very sturdy in my rail.
1/25/21- MUST READ.. when buying anything on here it's almost as important to find the right seller as it is the right products.. that said this seller is unheard of.. I bought this an sent a message asking them to ship it asap.. I wasn't expecting a response but the seller hit me right back an shipped my order that day!?!? a few hrs after ordering had a tracking # an 4 days later I had the sight (most item tack 4/6 to even ship) so I strongly recommend this seller!! as for the sight..all I can say is. AWESOME!! Way more then I would of thought while purchasing.. just wanted a sight to throw on a build I did an was looking for something Ok? an for the price I expected less? put it next to the real one an it's almost impossible to tell the difference.. nice crisp reticle.. red green 30 settings I'm even impressed buy the mount on off in under a sec an tight sturdy when mounted.. AWESOME that's all I can say.. oh an I got the 558 thanks hope it helps
At first I was skeptical about this sight because of a bad experience with a similar sight from another vendor but this is worlds better! The build quality is very robust and the front lenses is mirrored. The front lense being mirrored let’s the sight be usable during a sunny day!!!! So you don’t need to worry about not being able to use this for indoors only. 10/10 would recommend and will be buying more!

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