Neperšlampama Striukė Vyrams Slidinėjimo Kostiumas Vyrų Snieglenčių Striukė Vyriška Slidinėjimo Apranga Vyrų Sportinės Striukės Plius Vėjo Striukė Vyrams

Žymos: slidinėjimo striukė moterims, ktm neperšlampamą striukę, vyrų slidinėjimo kostiumas, veikia slidinėjimo kostiumas vyrams, kalno snieglenčių, raudona snieglenčių striukė vyrams, saenshing slidinėjimo striukė, slidinėjimo kostiumas moteris, vyrų slidinėjimo kostiumas, slidinėjimo striukė.

€40.94 €81.87
  • Yra sandėlyje
  • p46986

  • Funkcija: Vėjo
  • Sportas Tipas: Slidinėjimas
  • Modelio Numeris: 215
  • Viršutinių Drabužių Siuvimas Tipas: Striukės
  • Lytis: VYRAI
  • Apykaklės: Su gobtuvu
  • Medžiaga: Poliesteris
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: SAENSHING
  • Pritaikymas: Tinka tikrosios dydžio, imtis savo įprastinį dydį

Rice on USS Naja
I ordered pants and a jacket of different sizes. Therefore, they came in separate packages. Pants took type under jeans. Sewn well, qualitatively, but here the pattern of scuffs is made with bright yellow paint. As if in jeans something painted and dressed. The jacket is not bad, warm, not blown. Small jambs on the seams. The main zipper has a weak dog (it is easy to unbend because of which the lock is divergent and also easy to press your fingers). Weak zippers on the pockets, except for the breast. Skirt with a zipper. Here is a lightning quality. And most importantly. The jacket is attached with a label with QR code and number. On the manufacturer's website you can verify authenticity. So fig knows the authenticity of the site, so. On this site when entering the number specified on the label say that the number is not valid and we have fake on our hands.
Djambylat 07
Packed in 2 bags. Delivery about 2 weeks. Malomerit, ordered specially for a larger size (well, there a sweater, etc.) came just. Thin, but the wind and snow with rain holds. At minus 6 it was comfortable, how to behave further I do not know yet. The phone itself asks for a breast pocket, but if you are going to actively play sports-I do not recommend doing this, since the moisture from the body for some reason it is collected in this pocket. And another incomprehensible moment, on clothes there are labels with QR code and protective code from fake. When moving to the site and checking-indicates a fake. I would like to hear an answer on this from the seller.
Zachary Harman0
The jacket approached the size. Everything is sewn well and qualitatively. Thank you

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